Cold Chain

Cold Chain

Increasing of the food safety awareness in the community requires the control of the products being kept in proper conditions during shipment and transportation and being promptly intervened when out of boundaries. In this regard, all of the serious food producers consider the vehicle tracking systems as an indispensable component of their work in order to ensure that the cold chain is not broken until reaching market shelves from warehouses.

    • Web Based System Features
      Easy to use
      Quick access to summary information based on organization, fleet and group
      Ability to monitor the vehicles on the map by filtering according to 6 different options
      Vehicle-based adhoc query
      Periodical monitoring according to time
      Ability to get the density map of the vehicle or vehicles selected on the map at specific time intervals
      Tracking by entered and exited zones
      Tracking by control points
      Tracking by violation values
      Tracking feature on a map by vehicle, group, fleet and organization
      Daily vehicle-based briefing
      Daily vehicle-based detail information screens and animation feature
      Ability to query vehicles passing through a certain point
      Zoom-in, zoom-out features on the map, shifting of the map, focusing by the car
      Address, speed, total daily route, message warning and violation warning and number of vehicles on the same screen
      Easy user interface management
      Ability to authorize the user for monitoring by user types
      Driver identification and easy vehicle identification for drivers
      Ability to receive reports about vehicle, driver, violation, overtime, area-route sensor, trailer, voyage, user and road computer (Note1)
      Ability to receive automatic mailing by scheduling reports for the desired time
      Ability to receive the reports in pdf, excel and CSV formats
      Ability to receive the reports in 9 different languages
      Ability to see detailed notifications based on violation schedules defined for vehicles
      Access to educational videos of Expressive Web, Android and IOS applications
      Note1: Ability to report according to connected sensors
    • Programming Features (Tool and group basis)
      Determination of time frequency
      Determination of distance frequency
      Determination of turning angle
      Determination of violation parameters
       Time to commence work
      Time to quit work
      Speed ​​limit
      Instant idle time
      Instant stopped time
      Daily stopped time
      Daily movement time
      Limiting the number of drives if drive id units are used
       Sudden take-off/stop or accident reporting
      No GSM connection alert
      Motion alert when the ignition is off
      Sudden fuel low alert
      Motion without driver alert, if drive ID units are used
      Ability to receive all violations via mail
      GPS Antenna Breaking/Connection Status Information
      Ability to program modular sensors (temperature, fuel level, humidity level) in vehicles
      Ability to define periodical transactions (tax, maintenance, inspection ... etc.) of the vehicles and ability to receive alerts
    • Determination of Area Violation Parameters
      Entered zone alert
      Exited zone alert
      Enter/exit alerts in control points
    • Quick reporting opportunities
      Vehicle-based reports
      Violation Based Reports
      Driver Based reports
      Shift Reports
      Area / route reports
      Sensor reports
      Trailer based reports
      User reports
    • Input / Output
      Ignition switch input
      Emergency button
      Door / cover / damper / mixer sensor
      Fuel tank cover sensor
      Temperature sensor
      Driver ID set
      Card reader
      CANBus Accessory
      Canbus and Card Reader accessory together
      Immobilizer engine block
      In-car audio alarm
      Analogue fuel connection
      Opportunity to Use Built-in Battery
    • Additional Software Applications
      My child is safe solution
      My Passenger is Safe Camera Monitoring System Compatibility
      Smart Bus Stop Tracking Software
      Compatibility with Excavation Software
      IPHONE / IPAD (iOS) Vehicle Tracking Application
      ANDROID Vehicle Tracking Application
    - Includes
    - Unavailable
    - Optional Feature